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Everything about the lace wig

The product

The product 

1/ What is the lace wig ?

This is a wig made from a beautiful lace on the locks of hair are implanted by hand. Once on your skin, it gives the illusion that it is your own hair. You can make ponytails and buns.

2/Can everyone wear a lace wig  ?

In theory yes, no matter what type of hair, length or skin color. We use the finest lace to ensure a natural look. All our wigs have a pre-customization with gradual density, discoloration of knots, elastic band to strengthen the maintenance. The lace is naturally placed on your forehead. However, the lace wig is not recommended if you have a small brow.


3/Is it necessary to stick the lace ?

Glam lace wigs laces stick very well without glue, thanks to the ergonomics of our cap.


4/ What is the durability of the lace wig ?

In theory 1 year but it can be less depending on the maintenance you bring.

5/What hair do you use ?

Glam Lace wigs are only made with the best natural virgin hair on the market (Europe and Asia).

6/ Can we make a color  ?

Yes, it is possible to discolor and color.

7/Do you produce tailor-made ?

We stopped doing tailor-made because our cap wig  fits all heads. In addition, all laces wigs in stock are customizable (cuts, colors, etc ...)

8/Can you reproduce a lace wig seen on another website ?

We do not copy the lace wig seen on another website. We focus on our own creations. Check our website and our social networks, you will necessarily find an equivalent model.



The Glam Lace Lounge

The salon 

 Glam Lace Lounge

1/Who is Glam Lace 

Glam Lace was created in 2007 (11 years), it’s the 1st salon lace wig in France. 

2/Approval of Glam Lace

-Master Craftsman Wigmaker 

-A social security license 

-Accredited french association against cancer 

-1st Lace Wig school in France 
-Partner of  national education 

3/What is Glam Lace's address ?

Glam Lace is located in Paris République. The address is communicated to you when you book an appointment.

4/How to book an appointment ?

Only via the website. We use 1 platform available 24/24 with immediate update and sending reminders.

5/What about the appointment ?

We receive you individually for 2 hours in our private haussmannian lounge.

6/ Do we need to book an appointment for express purchase ?

The appointment is always necessary. It takes time to choose and try the perfect lace wig for you.

7/What are the payments accepted in the salon ?

You can pay by credit card, cash and 3X free of charge (with your credit card, CNI, RIB). No check.

Order on the website 

The website

Order on the webside 

1/How to order ?

You can go to « online shop » and make your choice. We accept  paypal and credit card. Payment in 1 time.

2/The website is it safe ?

The Glam Lace website is an SSL website. During your payment we do not have access to your banking information.

3/How can I follow my order ?

We rely on reliable suppliers, our packages are insured and delivery is against signature. More info on the delivery page.

Important : Glam Lace is an editor and not a carrier. For any delay in delivery or reprogramming.. You must contact the carrier by mentioning the tracking number.

4/Can we return or be reimbursed ?

You have the guarantee satisfied or refunded during 7 days. Be careful, the lace wig must be new, in its original state. (See our terms and conditions of sale).

5/How to put the lace alone ?

Our wigs "lace wig" are ready to pose. We send you an explanatory video after your order.