you know that: 

The 1st lace wig was created in France centuries ago.
For Kings and Queens, then for theater.
The best wig maker were in France and everybody over the world wanted to have their "French Wig"
This is why you often heard "french lace"
Glam Lace Paris is a French company created by Nana Guillaume in 2006 
Our Hair is 100% virgin hair, no chemical on it
Nana travels the world to get the best hair. 

The director of Glam Lace Paris is Nana, it is also a wigmaker and educator.


Many instagram followers did not understand our french language in our main website.

So we've created this online shop dedicated to foreigners 
we've decided to make an international site to allow you to shop in your currency.


The shipping is from Paris with DHL or Fedex (2days shipping)

We accept returns/exchange/refunds (7 days) only if the wig is still new. has not been worned, and if you did not cut the lace, and did not style the hair/curls...

Before sending it back, you'll have to send us pictures/videos showing that the wig is still new. Then you have 2 choices :
1/sending back to our adress in paris
2/sending to an address in the USA (will be provided later)