Shipping and Return


When your wig will be ready, you'll get a tracking number and when it shipped it takes between 1 or 3 days ( depending on where you live)
The shipping is from Paris with DHL or Fedex 

Some wigs could be shipped immediatly ( example for the straight short wigs) but other will need days or weeks to be ready ( example 30 inches, blonde...). The days of your order we wii tell you how many days it needed before shipping

We accept returns/exchange/refunds (7 days) only if the wig is still new. has not been worned, and if you did not cut the lace, and did not style the hair/curls...

Before sending it back, you'll have to send us pictures/videos showing that the wig is still new. Then you have 2 choices :
1/sending back to our adress in paris
2/sending back  to an address in the USA (will be provided if you live in USA)